In the heart of the Tanzanian savanna, we envisioned a place where guests can slow down, savour each moment, and find a profound sense of peace and belonging.

Pool | Wabi Tanzania | BLINK Design Group



A resort where the beauty of simplicity and the power of moments are celebrated. By weaving together the philosophies of Wabi-Sabi and the wisdom of Swahili proverbs, the design offers a sanctuary that resonates deeply with the natural rhythms of the savanna. A haven of moments and memories.

Lobby | Wabi Tanzania | BLINK Design Group

Architectural features are not imposed but integrated. Our concept envisions discreet, elegant architecture that blends seamlessly within the savanna, offering guests views of nature’s wonders—sunrise, sunset, rain, and the night sky—without compromising comfort or luxury.

Villa | Wabi Tanzania | BLINK Design Group

Drawing inspiration from the 16th-century development of the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, the resort turns away from the elaborate and embraces simplicity. Through simple forms, the design finds beauty in the serene and uncomplicated. Exposed to nature, guests enjoy the simple yet luxurious comforts of the resort, feeling at one with the surrounding savanna.

Villa | Wabi Tanzania | BLINK Design Group

Partnerships with Tanzanian artists are at the heart of the resort’s design ethos. Local craftsmanship plans included the eco-leather furniture, metalwork, and woodwork to populate the resort. Wood-carved patterns and imperfect panels, alongside tribal-inspired artwork, add layers of texture and authenticity to the interiors. These handcrafted elements would not only enhance the aesthetic but also honour the rich cultural heritage of Tanzania.

“The landowners’ altruism served as an inspiration. Supporting the community was vital. By embracing the place and its people, the local community and design are enriched, creating an authentic experience that guests can truly sense and appreciate.”

Clint Nagata

Founder and Creative Partner




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