“In designing experiences that engage the spirit, reward the senses and fuel the imagination, we will continue to offer guests one of the greatest luxuries of all: being moved by the beauty of experience itself.”

Rengy John CO-CEO

We are a collective of bold thinkers. Our open-minded approach allows us to explore ideas with a restless enthusiasm and take our clients somewhere new.

How we work

We create with spirit, trust, and a sense of discovery. Our destinations not only meet the operational realities of the luxury hospitality business for clients but form spaces that have a compelling sense of place and inspire connections with their guests.

Our perfect combination of youth and experience allows us to innovate with confidence, sound reason and expertise. By approaching every project from concept to completion in its entirety, clients benefit from our full complementary services of master planning, building design, and interior design.

We always start at zero, with every project evolving from an understanding of the culture, history, and style of each individual place. The details we uncover and influences we draw upon mean each space becomes a reflection of the journey taken and feels authentic and welcoming.


“ A day at BLINK is always filled with excitement! From the moment the day begins, the adrenaline runs high, many challenges to tackle and there is never a dull moment.”

Aileen Goh Director of Projects