Dubai’s newest party hotel – moments from the pure sand beaches that overlook the Palm. W Hotel welcomes travellers from around the globe to experience the vibrant, eccentric and extravagant. Enter our imaginatively designed spaces, explore the stories and make your own at W Mina Seyahi – Port of All.

W Hotel

W Dubai – Mina Seyahi

United Arab Emirates

Inspired by a land rich in the art of tales and theatrics, the interiors weave their own narrative. Every item, from furniture, fabrics and lighting to wall coverings and flooring, all help shape the most inspirational spaces encouraging guests to live the high life and share their own fabulous stories.

W Hotel Mina Seyahi Corridor excites - Designed by BLINK

Enter a space to awaken the imagination. Al Haqla, the ancient art of Arabic storytelling, is brought to life with the fictional traveller of the hotel, where his stories and collections are shared. Guests are invited to become part of his story, enticed onto their stage, set against a creative backdrop, where they can party and perform in style.

W Hotel Mina Seyahi Suite - Designed by BLINK

“The design is about awakening imagination with experiences that enliven the senses and engage curiosity. A hotel reflective of the diverse, energetic, and vibrant Dubai lifestyle.”

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With its curves and folds, the headboard in the guestrooms is designed to evoke the full white sails of the traditional voyaging boat, the Dhow. Elegant, colourful Arabian lighting in sunset tones hangs by the bed, illuminating the subtle wall finish, a paper texture ready for guests to pen their own tales.

Inspired from Arab Islamic culture of long floating abaya robes, the backdrop for the bed is a shimmering veil fringe. Gently overlaying the wall covering, the veil covers it allowing glimpses of the art beneath.

W Mina Seyahi | EWOW Suite Living Room

The pinnacle of the W Hotel – welcome to EWow suite. The hankered after, the envied, our design had to meet and exceed the huge expectations. Inspired by the historical souk battles of poetry – where the winner would have their words set in gold ink, the room is an icon of success which has made its golden mark and hosts the elite and the splendid.

W Hotel Ginger Moon

Ginger Moon is Dubai’s original sunset destination. Dine and drink at the restaurant, bar and pool lounge in eclectic surroundings and experience swimming amidst the lush wilderness in the beautiful landscape of Mina Seyahi. The design here is boho-chic with exquisite finishes, tactile textures, and a vibrant palette.

The colour palette of the guestroom is inspired by sunset, when storytelling begins. One bedside table is a golden chest, reminiscent of a traveller’s treasure luggage where mementos and discoveries are kept. The colours in the intricately crafted focal marquetry panel echoes the idea of telling stories from dusk till dawn.

W Mina Seyahi | BAR-B Spa

A mythical escape. Where the rest of the hotel is inspired by the story, the spa is inspired by the setting. A wonderous, imaginative fantasy land where undulating forms echo the natural landscape and creative details fascinate, the W Spa is where the party continues.

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