Located at the foothills of the Takagamine mountains is the Kyoto Shozan Resort. Set within 28 acres, the resort is home to idyllic Japanese gardens, historic temples, tea houses and Michelin starred restaurants. The design reflects the unique and culturally immersive luxury enclave of Shozan.

Roku Kyoto, LXR Hotel & Resorts

Once belonging to an eminent artist of the Edo Period, the land was residence to a village of artisans. The interiors take inspiration from this heritage with interiors filled with collections of art from all over Japan.

Each area of the Resort features artisanal crafts specific to the ancient city of Kyoto. Iconic ‘urushi’ lacquerware, traditional ‘takezaiku’ bamboo weaving and copperware feature in the tea lounge, restaurant and bar. The guestrooms are enhanced by ‘karakami’, a delicate printing technique using hand-carved magnolia wood.

“The design inspires guests to reconnect with the true spirit of Kyoto. By incorporating the natural surroundings into the interiors and embracing regional craftsmanship, we have created a real sense of place.

Rie Minoura



Kyoto, Japan


Interior Design

No. of Keys

114 Guestrooms