An urban sanctuary in the cultural heart of Japan. Narratives of art and philosophy weave a captivating, sensory journey of wellness and reconnection at Six Senses Kyoto.

Exterior | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

Six Senses Kyoto


Inspired by Japanese folklore and time-honoured arts, Six Senses Kyoto brings the old-world charm and elegance of the Heian era into a modern escape full of playful touches, encounters with nature and a sweeping sense of serenity.

Lobby | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

Six Senses Kyoto’s lobby and arrival experience sets the tone for the guests’ journey.

The Tale of Genji, written by a noblewoman a thousand years ago, inspired the arrival experience. The original manuscript, published as an Orihon, a folded, concertina-style book, is echoed in the folded wooden ceiling structure. Kurama-Yama, the legendary setting of the Tale of Genji, was abstracted by a local artist and hand-painted onto the handcrafted raku-yaki tiles screen that frames the check-in desks.


Lobby | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

The central lobby space overlooks the inner courtyard of the resort, enticing guests to explore its winding pathways. Ikebana displays, natural materials and earthen textures encourage a connection to nature in the interiors.

A bronze art piece inspired by Choju-jinbutsu-giga, the Scroll of Frolicking Animals hangs above the relaxed, organic form seating area. This piece zones the space, embraces ancient folklore and encourages a sense of playfulness.

Bedroom entrance | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

On the journey to their rooms, guests are greeted along the way by whimsical occupancy signs inspired by the art and craft of traditional Kitsune fox masks made from recycled washi paper.

Once inside the bedroom, Himitsu Bako-inspired puzzle boxes are integrated into the furniture to offer a spark of joy. Originally used for passing secret messaging, they add to the playful ambience of the room. A headboard wall of rotating panels has a traditional Asanoha pattern on one side and a rich Japanese red laqueur on the other. Guests can interact with the space and create their own designs.


Bedroom | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

Sudare bamboo blinds and Sakan plasterwork walls imbue the space with a tranquil atmosphere, complemented by crafts that date back to the Heian period such as lighting handcrafted from knitted metal and ikebana compositions.

Bedroom | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

Outside, a daybed offers a peaceful retreat amidst nature for guests to relax and rejuvenate.

Bathroom finishes find inspiration from a wealth of Japanese influence. Shoki patterns are used on the bamboo glass shower screens, wall tiles echo the lines of Oke bath bowls and a Kōdō holder allows incense to infuse the air with calming scents.

Washi wall coverings, Sakan textures and ichirinzashi single bloom vases set the tone for simplicity over excess in the one-bedroom suites. Views of nature are brought into the room, linking the rock garden to the interior spaces with a large onsen set at the window.

Bedroom | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

A top-floor escape with three bedrooms and iconic views. The concept extends that of the guestrooms with select enhancements. Large format sumi-e black on white artworks create breathtaking wall coverings that blend Japanese folklore with modern Kyoto design.

Bedroom | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

Organic furniture in soothing shapes sits beneath vaulted timber ceilings, inspired by the pitched roofs of traditional Japanese architecture. With nature at its core, a preserved moss art becomes the headboard in the master bedroom, and three terrace rock gardens enhance the connection of the space to the outdoors.

Brew Bar | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

The all-day dining experience is an extension of the central garden and takes guests on a journey through the life of a tree. The courtyard features elements inspired by budding trees, while the main dining area, private dining room, and open kitchen incorporate lush and petrified textures. These dining spaces resemble the gardens of Kyoto’s past, where writers in the Heian period would observe the imperial gardens and write about the changing seasons.

The Brew Bar pays homage to the Japanese tea ceremony, embracing the beauty of nature and the simplicity of life. Inspired by tea culture and the serene ambiance of traditional rock gardens, our design incorporates natural split-face stone for the main bar and features a circulation path reminiscent of zen garden rake patterns.


All Day Dining | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

With textures reminiscent of tea culture and the natural world, the bar is crafted from split-face stone, echoing the serene beauty of traditional rock gardens. The stone circulation path leads guests around the space in sweeping rake patterns of peaceful zen gardens.

Woven rattan panels and textured walls add depth, while knotted rock art pieces and a tea armoire feature wall offer intriguing focal points. Seating comprises a communal table with a central rock garden and Sakura Bonsai tree set beneath a contemporary diffused lighting feature, complemented by banquette seating with kintsugi-inspired tabletops for group gatherings. A retail area, and designated tea area complete the inviting arrangement.

Cocktail Lounge | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

Guests at the cocktail lounge are invited to interact with the space by picking herbs and garnishes for their drinks from a live herb display at the entrance. The bartenders mix the perfect cocktail against a backdrop of apothecary drawers and lit umeshu jars. The front bar counter boasts Oribe tile, a homage to renowned Japanese ceramic artist Oribe Furuta (1543-1615). Produced in the heart of Toki city in Gifu, these tiles are celebrated for their lustrous, rich glazes. The dimly lit lounge has hammered glass screens for privacy and filtered light, along with recessed organic lounge seating niches for more intimate gatherings.

The Hidden Room entrance is designed to resemble that of the imperial palace in Kyoto. Once inside, guests find an intimate space perfect for smaller gatherings. This multi-functional area has a moody atmosphere, with dark-toned shou sugi ban walls, velvet lounge seating, kitsune masks, and copper-detailed lighting.

A unique open-air bar inspired by the Tsuridono pavilions of the Heian Japanese Courts, where concerts and moon viewing parties were once held. On entering, guests are greeted by an illuminated display of spirits and wines, leading to a serene rooftop garden with a standing bar. Moon-inspired lighting, wood detailing and natural stone textures create an earthy ambience, inviting guests to unwind, elevated among nature.

Pre Function | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

The banquet and pre-function spaces draw inspiration from the attire and communication customs of the Heian period in Kyoto. Just like the Junihitoe, which featured 12 layers of clothing worn by women to convey stories to suitors behind sudare screens, our spaces are layered with sliding screens and display cases. These elements filter light and create an intriguing play of visibility, echoing the mysterious allure of the past while providing a dynamic setting for events.

Spa | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

We drew inspiration from Japan’s rich bathing traditions and the healing power of water to design a series of spaces dedicated to peaceful reflection and relaxation. From the Watsu therapy pool to the Suikinkitsu water features and ripple-textured natural woods, every detail contributes to the narrative of water and its benefits for all the senses.

Taking a meditative approach to every aspect of the spa, we wanted all functional spaces to be elevated and play their part in the transformative wellness journey. Sensory-themed spa treatment rooms transport guests into deep relaxation, focusing on one or a combination of the senses through soothing sounds, captivating visuals and aromatic scents.

Spa | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

A welcoming space, the organic forms and the use of natural textures set the stage for the wellness journey at this Six Senses Spa.

Spa | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

Adjustable shelving creates flexibility for rotating displays while an alchemy bar with a drawer garden and calligraphy station incorporate Japanese and biophilic design moments.

Sekimori-Ishi knotted stones to signal an occupied treatment room add a touch of authenticity, guiding guests on their path to rejuvenation with a deep connection to a sense of place.

The design for the Biohack lounge merges smart science and Japanese Zen culture for a unique wellness journey. Suikinkutsu-inspired partitions, a courtyard garden and an ikebana planter immerse you in nature while you indulge in modern treatments. It’s the ultimate balance of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology.

Earth Lab | Six Senses Kyoto | BLINK Design Group

Inspired by Six Senses’ unique water filtration process, the Earth Lab embodies a natural aesthetic with earthy tones and warm materials. Design moments include hammered glass water bottles and a bamboo water spout offering guests the opportunity to refill as needed. The ceiling design exemplifies Six Senses’ dedication to sustainability, showcasing the creative reuse of leftover veneers to craft a striking focal point.




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