A vast landscape, where the building design blends the boundaries of indoor and outdoor to redefine luxury resort living. The Regent Phu Quoc is a tranquil environment, with spaces crafted for guests to unwind and absorb the surrounding abundance of nature.

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Regent Phu Quoc


Inspired by a country with a strong local culture and a wonderful mix of traditional architectural heritage, we designed a resort that would evoke Vietnamese influence and enhance the natural tropical beauty of its surroundings.

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Our journey began with natural wonders. The expanse of blue ocean and glorious sunsets became the foundation for our design. Every villa and main space at the resort had to capture the view. Situated around two main lakes, the masterplan spreads horizontally and stacks vertically, allowing the guests to be welcomed by the natural setting and enjoy ocean views from their private villa.

BLINK Design Group | Regent Phu Quoc | Main Pool

The hotel and residences are crafted from wood, taking inspiration from traditional Vietnamese building methods – achieving a wonderful sense of heritage and culture.

Clint Nagata

Founder and Creative Partner
BLINK Design Group | Regent Phu Quoc | Villa Lake

The building design draws inspiration from Vietnamese Gian Nha style architecture, where small-scale landscaped courtyard spaces reveal themselves and connect guests to the location.

The quality of space is slowly revealed, creating surprise elements as the guest’s journey through the villa. Small pockets and courtyards transition through different experiences within one house. The flexibility of the design is enhanced by its convertible design, easily transforming from one villa into two separate suites while ensuring each retains outside space and a plunge or swimming pool.

BLINK Design Group | Regent Phu Quoc | Villa Living

All the interiors find their way to the outside, strengthening the indoor-outdoor experience of this resort. We want to remind guests of the peace that nature brings. We took every opportunity to extend spaces outside, enhancing the resorts calming and relaxing atmosphere.

The boundaries from indoor to outdoor are seamless, and thoughtful zoning across the entire resort brings a contemporary interpretation of this architectural style, providing the utmost privacy within a luxurious setting.

BLINK Design Group | Regent Phu Quoc | Rice Market

Six dining experiences reflect the rich culture of Vietnam. The design celebrates diversity and builds drama and contrast. The Rice Market’s details and textures create interest and authenticity. Oku is a celebration of fine woodwork and classic Parisian quality, with a hint of new orientalist, reached by a secret door from the sumptuous Jade Bar. At the highest point of the resort sits the exclusive Regent Club, where gradients of colour flicker over golden tiles to mimic the sun’s reflection on the blue waters.

Serenely set against the waterfront backdrop of Long Beach, the luxury suites and villas’ thoughtful details are inspired by the island’s tropical abundance and tranquil surroundings. The Sky Villa, high in the Sky Wing, boasts unobstructed, breathtaking ocean views and the open-plan living space runs seamlessly onto the expansive terrace.

Regent Phu Quoc | Regent Bar

“We want guests to have a relaxed indoor-outdoor experience at the spaces that we designed to create absolute comfort.”

Rie Minoura

Regent Phu Quoc Reception Interior Design by BLINK




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