The expression of Lingnan culture and nature in its many forms began our journey of exploration for this resort in a design that pays homage to the past and embraces the future.

Banyan Tree | Lobby Lounge

Banyan Tree Dongguan Songshan Lake


Set amidst lush forests and calming lakes, this Banyan Tree resort draws inspiration from Dongguan’s ancient poetry, textiles and architecture. Our design reflects the essence of the region’s rich history and natural landscape into a sanctuary for the senses.

Banyan Tree | Lobby Reception

The lobby lounge sets the tone for a balanced and calming stay. Inspired by the exquisite designs of local windowpanes found in Lingnan architecture, our lobby screens echo these traditional elements. The handcrafted screens add depth while maintaining transparency between spaces, ensuring guests a sense of connectedness and privacy.

Banyan Tree Dongguan | ADD

In the all-day dining restaurant, the design has a hallmark of traditional Lingnan homes, wok ears. The curved shape inspired the organic form of the walls. Exquisite geometric carved screens divide the dining space and allow light and air to flow while honouring the artisanal skills of the region.

Banyan Tree | Chinese Restaurant

Ancient cloth mills, a quintessential Lingnan feature, and traditional ‘Duntou’ blue textile craft, inspired the Chinese restaurant design. We abstracted scenes of cloth drying and dyeing, using metal and contemporary materials to create a three-dimensional dining space with meaningful cultural undertones.

The spa experience intertwines drifting scents and illuminated patterns. Dongguan, famed for agarwood in traditional incense culture brings the fragrance and distinctive Manchurian windows cast vibrant colours in contemporary designs across walls and ceilings to create an enriched sensory atmosphere.

Banyan Tree | Bedroom

The charm of ancient town windowpanes and the essence of agarwood seamlessly extend from the hotel’s public areas into the guest rooms. The headboard’s subtle windowpane elements complement textured wood finishes, rattan furniture, and agarwood accents. Lingnan negative space and the outlining technique of Chinese painting inspired finely detailed accents and created a stay experience that was both visually and tactilely rich.

Banyan Tree | Bathroom

The bathroom is divided into two halves – one dedicated to dressing and the other to the wet area. This intentional separation optimises functionality and enhances the overall guest experience, providing a organised and elegant space.

Banyan Tree | Villa

This connection is deepened by an indoor garden feature, secluded Onsen and views through to the pool and garden. Tranquillity infuses the villa space with nuanced light and shade from both frontages while furniture and decor in pure forms create calm with their simple profiles.

Banyan Tree | Bedroom

Residential in inspiration and rooted in earthy tones and natural textures, the serene design nurtures a connection to nature. 

Banyan Tree | Ballroom

We wanted a harmonious balance for this multi-use space. Ergonomic furniture and mood-responsive lighting create balance and are intuitive for guests. The layering of natural wooden screens draws inspiration from the rhythmic forest landscape and simulates the effect of sunlight filtering through trees. In homage to the artistry of Lingnan Luotian lacquerware craft, intricate inlays of luxurious materials bring a serene elegance elevated further with precious pearl-inspired iridescent materials, reminiscent of the flowing Pearl River Delta.

Banyan Tree Dongguan | Ballroom Entrance




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