Embarking on this renovation journey, we wanted to enhance this timeless haven and return it to its roots. Infusing sophistication, laid-back tones and worldly inspirations, we designed a collection of villas that exude style without pretension.

Huvafen Fushi Maldives | BLINK Design Group

Huvafen Fushi


A legacy resort, Huvafen Fushi was one of the first luxury escapes in the Maldives. To enhance its already well-established position, we found our inspiration in the island’s natural beauty and a sense of sanctuary. Our design journey began with an exploration of expectation and authenticity.

Beach Bungalow | Huvafen Fushi Maldives | BLINK Design Group

Every detail, from the finishes to the furnishings, was selected to create an effortlessly chic scene for relaxation. We sought to integrate local influences with natural elements and colours from the landscape, refreshing each villa and bungalow to blend with the surrounding environment. Guests can now settle into an authentically beautiful Maldivian experience.

Beach Bungalow | Huvafen Fushi Maldives | BLINK Design Group

The villa naturally integrates with the colours of the Maldives. Newly installed mini bars, accentuated with subtle green abaca wall coverings, bring another visual layer to the space. Oversized, textured rattan headboards divide the space and frame the sleeping areas, while area rugs and accent pillows quietly punctuate the villa’s muted palette with changes in tone and texture.

Bedroom | Huva fen Fushi Maldives | BLINK Design Group

A design guided by a deep connection to nature. We identified a natural focal point for each villa space first and then carefully composed a balanced arrangement framing nature as the leading aesthetic.

Beach Bungalow Minibar | Huvafen Fushi Maldives | BLINK Design Group

Authenticity and originality are central to our design ethos. When re-envisioning Huvafen Fushi, our focus was on anchoring the design in its unique sense of place rather than chasing passing trends.

Our intention is for our designs to endure over time and resonate with guests by authentically reflecting the essence of the location.

Bathroom | Huvafen Fushi Maldives | BLINK Design Group

“Naturally enchanting was our mantra. We used materials and colour palettes inspired by nature to deliver a crafted sense of sophistication.

Clint Nagata

Founder and Creative Partner




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