The Unbuilt Series features designs from the drawer. Uncover insights into our concepts that underwent the same process as our built projects but without reaching the final phases. Introducing an unbuilt urban haven in Hanoi.

A Luxury Hanoi Resort | BLINK Design Group

A Luxury Hanoi Resort


Drawing from nature’s natural order and patterns, we designed a lakeside living experience that would seamlessly integrate with its environment. Surrounding the lake, private balconies brim with overflowing planting to produce an urban oasis that evokes the charm and tranquillity of Parisian rooftop gardens.

A Luxury Hanoi Resort | BLINK Design Group

The arrival experience was designed to immediately welcome guests into a natural retreat with tranquil water pools and lush planting. We wanted to create an environment experience for guests, a serene retreat in the embrace of nature. French influences seamlessly combine with Vietnamese elements in recognition of the resort brand and location of the project.

A Luxury Hanoi Resort | BLINK Design Group

At the elevated pool area, we wanted to awaken the senses with layered textures, forms and tonality. Set above the tree canopy, the pool invites guests to unwind, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature. We wanted guests to feel transported and restored by the harmony of nature and design.




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