Conrad Bora Bora Nui: Inspired details, destination transformed

Posted 4th May 2020

Equally adept at channeling the spirit of place as that of a hotel brand, BLINK transformed the interiors of what had previously been a Hilton to create for guests an evocative experience that redefines luxury, sense, and style in a manner wholly in keeping with the Conrad brand’s motto, “stay inspired.”

Surrounded by water, and with a mountainous backdrop, Conrad Bora Bora Nui is possibly the only resort in the area to boast such a diverse geography and terrain. BLINK was mindful to incorporate the local culture into its efforts, creating a resort that is both modern in design and true to its location.

Conrad Bora Bora

Conrad Bora Bora

The work was guided by BLINK’s characteristic energy and imagination, as well as the drive to create a dimensional and cohesive experience. Doing away with the wall structure in the dining area, the ceilings of which are 12 meters at their highest, introduced welcome cross-ventilation and abundant daylight into the soaring space. Textiles, inspired by local fauna, included tapa, a bark cloth long made in the Pacific islands, but which had nearly disappeared from French Polynesia. The resort’s beach grill features a sand floor, blurring the separation between indoors and out. Finally, an overwater lounge wows guests with its enviable views and stunning sunsets.

Leaving no detail unexplored, BLINK successfully transformed an existing space into an inspiring destination that takes full advantage of its setting, that integrates the region’s rich cultural heritage, and marks a new chapter for the property under the Conrad brand.

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