Capella Shanghai

Located in one of the city's most desirable residential neighbourhoods, the design team has given the Capella Shanghai, Jian Ye Li, a home-away-from-home feel while preserving the architectural heritage of the buildings and capitalizing on the legacy and character of its historic site. One of the original “gated communities”, this collection of narrow, three-story brick and stone-accented townhouses is organized along 22 rows of shikumen (stone gate) lanes. Once commonplace in this area of the city, the 43,000-square-meter Jian Ye Li estate is now the only remaining cluster of its kind. The design, inspired by Shanghai’s history as the westerner’s gateway to Asia, along with its heritage as the former French Concession, carefully blended classic Chinese elements and 19th-century French flair for custom interiors that seamlessly transports guests back to the romance of early 20th-century Shanghai.