What inspires you each day?

What inspires me every day? Knowing that everything I can imagine can become real.

Answered by Pietro Campanella
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What is it like to work with creative freedom?

We keep very close and open communication within the team and our inputs are always encouraged. It is very exciting to see pieces of myself expressed in varying degrees of each project.

Answered by Kittypong Koosinsub
Senior Architect
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How do you work together across three studios?

Our creative teams spread into all studios in Bangkok, Shanghai and Singapore. The teams are spearheaded by our (Founder and Creative Partner) Clint Nagata and six design leads who work closely with our seventy talented designers. There is no boundary for our creativity as we work and share our passion across studios.

Answered by Pree Jamjang
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Do you have a specific project that is special to you?

Every project is so special to us, there is a lot of research and care put into each one of them. The result is that the projects are unique and perfectly integrated in the scene, filled with out of the box design solutions, but keeping in mind a timeless and refined look and feel. What makes me proud of every project is knowing it achieved the ultimate purpose, providing a remarkable experience to the guest, for many years to come.

Answered by Mariana Charters
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Can you describe some of the most exciting moments of a recent project?

The design process itself always produces exciting moments. A project that comes to mind was one inspired by a national origin story of mythical creatures. We brought the tale to life by designing chairs featuring the wings of the mythical creatures. We initially researched the characters of the origin story and then reached out to a sculptor who specialized in carving these beautiful creatures. Using our sketches and his insights, the sculptor crafted perfect wax models of the wings for the woodcarvers. The unveiling of the final carved chairs was a wonderfully exciting moment for everyone.

Answered by Louisa Kim
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Describe a day in the life of BLINK?

It’s always filled with excitement! From the moment the day begins, the adrenaline runs high, many challenges to tackle, never a dull moment. I spend a lot of my time with people; our team, clients and Operators. So naturally I tend to multi-task, keeping the high energy throughout the day. The best time of the day would be the evenings when I can unwind, have a drink with the team before I finish with some emails and call it a day.

Answered by Aileen Goh
Director of Strategy
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What do you find most fulfilling about working at BLINK

Having the chance to work with the team across different studios is more fulfilling than I imagined. At BLINK, we work closely on a variety of projects every day. I enjoy collaborating with the talented team and the constant discovery that comes with combining our different skills to create another great project. Everyone at BLINK is hardworking and loyal. We work together, challenging each other to do better, and that’s what I find so rewarding.

Answered by Ler Wai
Senior Project Manager
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