Our Explorers – Noon

16th Apr – 2024

Encouraging journeys of discovery.

We are inspired by the world around us and encourage everyone at BLINK to be an explorer.

As one of our December 2023 winners, Noon took a trip to Six Senses in Chengdu, China. Sharing thoughts on how her trip was, and looking back on her relationship with Kayte, Noon shared:

“I’ve known Kayte since 2017, and it has been nearly six years since the BLINK family suffered this big loss. I fondly recalled our conversations during our trips to Maldives and Phu Quoc. I deeply appreciated our friendship and how she guided and inspired me to become a better designer and person, especially in dedicating myself to my daughter’s life. We were all part of the BLINK family, so it was important to cherish each other’s memories.

My time with my family in Chengdu was a celebration of ‘A Wish to Remember by Kayte McMillan’, sharing her passion and love for adventure. The Chengdu trip was one of the most memorable experiences for me. It reminded me to slow down, breathe, explore new things, and recharge my soul. Thank you for BLINK’s unwavering support, as always. And thank you, Kayte, for being my source of inspiration and mentor.”

A Wish to Remember by KM
In dedication to Kayte, we travel, explore and remember.
Kayte McMillan (1980 – 2018)

Our Explorers – Noon