Our Explorers – Amy Shao

7th Dec – 2022

We are inspired by the world around us and encourage everyone at BLINK to be an explorer.

Amy Shao stayed at the Standard Maldives for her trip, and when sharing her experience she said: “The heaven-like island has greatly impressed me with its breathtaking scenery, but what moved my heart throughout the entire trip is the warm hospitality from people on the island.”

As part of our ‘Our Explorers’ dedication, we select members of the BLINK team to embrace a new experience in memory of Kayte McMillan. A loved member of BLINK, her passion for travel, adventure and design was unmistakable in all she did.

A Wish to Remember by KM
In dedication to Kayte, we travel, explore and remember.
Kayte McMillan (1980 – 2018)