Celebrating a decade at BLINK with Aileen Goh

9th Oct – 2023

Aileen, now Director of Strategy at BLINK, began as a designer and shares how her journey took unexpected turns.

After completing her degree in Architectural Design from the University of Melbourne, Aileen packed her bags for China to work as an architect. With a focus on hospitality design, Aileen’s early career saw her work across a wide range of building and interior projects that eventually led her to Singapore.

“There isn’t a set route or ceiling for career development in BLINK. In that sense, each one of us has the freedom to decide what sort of work scope and style of working are most suitable. Being in BLINK, I always feel like the sky is the limit.”
Aileen Goh

Since joining BLINK, Aileen’s career path has evolved organically from architect, business development, studio manager, project director, interior designer and key account director, working with many wonderful clients and BLINKers en route.

With a natural gift for communication, strategic planning and leadership, Aileen became Director of Strategy last year and now works with a focus on global strategies, aligning initiatives with the leadership team to create the company’s strategic vision.

We asked Aileen what advice she would give those carving their path.

“Take the leap of faith. You are only stuck when you choose to stay within the box.”
Aileen Goh

Sharing our heartfelt thanks to you, Aileen, for your continued passion, never-ending ideas, and the warmth and dedication you share with your clients and colleagues.