Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire: Perfect pairing with Capella Shanghai

Posted 4th October 2017

In a historic building nestled in Shanghai’s French Concession, the Capella Shanghai transports guests to the romantic days of the early 20th-century, while letting them enjoy ultra-modern luxury à la 2017. Courtesy of Jaya Ibrahim’s nuanced, layered design approach, the hotel’s restaurant, Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire, is the perfect complement to this time-shifting jewel of a property.

In keeping with Capella’s philosophy of personalized attention and intimate, home-like comfort, Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire offers all-day service in an elegant, yet intimate environment. Singapore’s Cityweekend describes the food as “effortless and approachable” — an assessment that applies to the space, as well. The interiors by Jaya International (now part of BLINK Design Group) leverage classic technique and local elements in much the same way that Gagnaire does in his dishes. In both cases, the results are sublime.

High wooden ceilings with exposed beams and large, multi-paned windows open onto the main courtyard. Screens divide the lounge spaces; some have Chinese motifs; others are mesh from France. Varied materials — from Burmese teak hardwood to geometric patterned tile similar to that of a French chateau — add texture. Banquettes line the main room’s interior wall; solid rosewood tables and chairs upholstered in ivory linen and leather line the exterior wall. The oval, onyx bar is mirrored above with a large custom chandelier. Natural lighting is supplemented by vertical wood sconces and spotlights mounted on the beams above.

Inspired by Shanghai’s history as the westerner’s gateway to Asia, the interiors are a perfect match for Capella’s haute service ethos and status as custodian of legacy properties. This approach — a mix of flavors, eras, and materials — also points to the future, and to Shanghai’s status as vibrant, multi-cultural world city.


4th October 2017






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