Nestled within a small forested valley, and birthplace of Taoism, Qing Cheng Mountain Resort reflects a sense of calm through its uncomplicated and elegant architecture. Built on the site of a hydro-power plant, the Taoist principles of natural occurrences have an affinity with the site’s previous purpose; to create energy from the flow of water.

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Qing Cheng Mountain Resort

The subtle metal details in the facades are architectural references in recognition of the site’s hydro-electric origins. These external details follow on in the interiors as the defining lines of the Sichuanese wall paneling. 

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“Located at the base of the hill, before the water outlet is The Village – a dynamic centre of activities with restaurant, spa and function rooms.”

Clint Nagata

Founder and Creative Partner
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At the top of the hill in a serene, lush forest, The Villas Sanctuary encircle the revitalized water reservoir. The ancient harmony of Yin and Yang is present in the new energy found here. 


Sichuan, China


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78 guestrooms