A song of sandstone in French classical architecture, radiating old–world luxury with a modern sensibility. The design is simple, yet elegant with long lines and stone-arched walkways. Sweeping courtyards allow the outdoors to be brought into almost every room.

Entrance building design, Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay

Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay

The stone-arched walkways and fluted columns bring an elegant classicism and French Riviera glamour, winning BLINK Best Luxury Hotel Award in the Hospitality Design Awards for the Conrad Sanya Haitang.

Sandstone lobby archway, Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay

The architectural façade, clad in golden-hued imported Australian sandstone is equalled with a host of water features to soften the stone’s hard edges and appear as a shimmering mirage.

Clint Nagata

Founder and Creative Partner
Lobby interior design Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay


Sanya, China


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