ALILA Komodo echoes the rich local culture, taking influence from the iconic indigenous village of the Bena people, set on a steep incline, the homes are set out in rows over stone platforms and arranged in a stepped formation to suit the contours of the land.

Alila Komodo Resort

Located at the top-most ridge and echoing this stepped formation, the timber villas offer far reaching views of the luscious surroundings. Running parallel and gently cradled within a small natural valley, is the five-storey hotel that plays host to the restaurant and yoga pavilion landmark structures on its roof-top.

The property is complemented by a dramatic circular pool and bar located at the summit of the central hill; Its shape, color and materials taking inspiration from the striking volcanic lakes of Flores. Both the pool and bar offer a 360-degree view on the Komodo marine park, harbour and the overwater beach club inspired by the local Bajau villages.

Born from the ideology of being ‘off grid’, Alila Komodo is designed to respond to the local weather, favor natural ventilation, reduce heat gain and the need for air-conditioning. Offering guests a sustainable luxury experience.


Menjaga, Indonesia


Master Plan, Building Design, Interior Design

No. of Keys

240 guestrooms